cement, axe

A not-working axe got stuck in a white cube of cement.

Unasked intallion on 28th of february 2022 at the Museum Neues Weimar:


After 2 days, a bit replaced but still there:


A little movie about the peak of tennis: is it in or out?

One side-effect of Corona are the used masks on the streets. And a lot of photos of the masks. So i decided to make pictures of the streets without masks. And because now something is missing, i put in some other errors with photoshop - sometimes in the colors, sometimes in the structure of the image, sometimes in the setting itself.


A group of artists - invited by Alba D'Urbano - walked in the city of Leipzig with big flags created by themself. My flag was my mantra, 110% Art. For this reason, i wear the same type of design as a dress and as a flag.



Using the catalog of Alba D'Urbanos "Eine Frage (nach) der Geste" to create a work about combination of impressions. The catalog is seperated in a book of pictures and a book of theorie texts. I combine the two archives to create litte papers of conections i found there. So its a full subjective look at the work years ago.


Changing all genders of Goethes Faust to show the absurditiy of the role-models and sterotypes in the book - a big part of our culture.
Nominated for Studienpreis 2018 \o/



The text not my art is only saying what it said - its no rating. The artwork in the pictures are just a proof that i was really at the place. I dont care what it is or who made it. Its just fitting in the picture.



The first (unofficial) Fanshop of the Art School in Leipzig!



Gallerie HGBGallerie HGBGallerie HGBGallerie HGB
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What’s art? Why we do art? Do we art to take some pictures of it? Write some wot?
Well, i believe that art is for the moment, for the people around me invest some time to look what i’m doing atm. I’m not interested in people clicking around and have a two minutes look to some stuff that wasn’t mean to be a picture or a film or something else. For my work the time is very important, and nearly everything doesn’t work in a frame or in a browser.
So, i am sorry that i can’t appreciate your visit on this part of my page, but showing some pictures will not reflect my work, my art, my way of thinking.


* 1985 in Köln

2003 Abi
2007 Berufsabschluß Konditorin
2016 Bachelor Kreatives Lebensmitteldesign FH Wiener Neustadt
2016-2021 Studium Medienkunst Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst / Klasse Alba
since 2021 Sudium Medienkunst HGB / Klasse Lahr


Pop Art Künstlerplakate | Kunsthaus Apolda Avantgarde, Apolda

Documenta Fifteen, Kassel
Main Entrance | Museum Neues Weimar, Weimar
More Planets Less Pain | ACC Galerie, Weimar
Adam Noack Lädt Ein | Eigenheim, Weimar
Tag der offenen Tür | Kunstbeitrag, HGB, Leipzig

Archivio Performante | public space, Leipzig
The tobic is more or less housing, Online-Exhibition

Corona, Homeoffice

Fragile Wirklichkeiten | public space, Leipzig
Corona, Homeoffice

Museo Internazionale Delle Marionette, Palermo
Yoko Ono Water Project | MdbK, Leipzig

Studienpreisausstellung | HGB, Leipzig
Foresta Urbana | Riso, Palermo
Manifesta 12, Palermo
MdbK, Leipzig
Museo Archeologico Regionale Antonino Salinas, Palermo
HGB Rundgang | HGB, Leipzig
Spinnereirundgang | Spinnerei, Leipzig
Palindromes | Zusa, Palermo

diese Garderobe | HGB, Leipzig


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